Careprost therapy – How to gain successful eyelash growth with no side effects

Every girl who needs to have an astonishing solution for everyday hassles to make her eyes look nice and appealing, Careprost is the medicine to bank on. Yes, this is the avant-garde solution of modern age for growing eyelashes and effective for use in males and females both. This eyelash growth medicine works upon the shorter eyelashes and contribute to repair the growth of lashes from the roots to gain visible growth that looks beautiful and attractive. This type of natural dense eyelashes is possible with only when the medicine is used carefully as per prescription. So, let’s begin with simple and understanding instructions for gaining best results with Careprost eye drop.

  • Bimatoprost is the active therapeutic agent that will help you to get desired visible growth in eyelashes by using Careprost drops. This ingredient release medicinal benefits by broadening the anagen life span and declining the telogen life of the lash growth cycle. In this way the medicine works from roots to increase the eyelashes growth.
  • In a completely different purpose of treating glaucoma conditions, this Bimatoprost releases medical benefits by decreasing the pressure inside eye and enhancing the avoidance of aqueous humor. The medicine must be used carefully as per instructions for better benefits and keeping in mind the purpose of use.
  • If accidentally medicine gets inside the eye when you are using this serum for increasing eyelash growth, make sure to wash eye thoroughly with water. You have to rinse your eye repeatedly for few minutes to get all medicine out from eye. Even extra drops spread on the skin portion must also be cleared with the help of cotton balls or dry cloth immediately after use. Medicine may provoke unintentional hair growth in the facial area.
  • For growing eyelashes, user has to apply the medicine on the line of eyelash. Generally, you get applicator with the medicine which is quite helpful in using the medicine neatly.
  • You have to apply one drop on the tip of the applicator for careful application along with the limning of the lash where you want to see improvement in lash growth.
  • Before application make sure to clean your face, hand and clear make up from eye. It is better to apply the solution at night time as commonly it is recommended for you use one time a day.
  • It is a topical medication but don’t to forget it must not be used if you have allergies with the active ingredient Bimatoprost.
  • If you are taking any treatment for eye disease or get an eye condition during taking Careprost eyelash growth therapy, apply the drops after getting proper prescription.
  • You have to keep a difference of twenty to thirty minutes in between applying two medications. Get clear instructions and list of precautions form prescriber if you want to gain best results with no side effects.


When you are approved to use Careprost drops for eyelash growth and enjoy benefits of this amazing beauty product. To buy Careprost drops online, you may place order here and enjoy hassle free delivery at your doorstep.